Open letter to online advertisers (aka suckers)

Dear internet advertisers, You’re getting ripped off. You’re told you must advertise on websites, social media and in apps. You’ve moved your money away from traditional mediums like tv, radio, print, inflicting serious damage to those entities in hopes of attracting more customers. You pay for ads that pop up on my computer screen, slowing... Continue Reading →

Mueller bias? BS!

Judges, journalists and the FBI. They’re all expected to perform their duties and have no opinions. I call BS. Every human being has opinions. To expect all the hardworking people in the FBI to NOT have political opinions is as naïve as leaving red meat on the kitchen counter, telling your dog “no” and expecting... Continue Reading →

“You are here. It’s like this now.”

I never saw myself as someone who would live in the past. Old people did that in the nursing home. Or after their spouse died. But not me, a young 30-40-50 something! I was excited about my future, moved forward with anticipation and reached for the brass ring whenever the carousel completed its revolution. Now... Continue Reading →

Death at home

No one will remember him after me. My father, Norm. He wasn’t famous, or for that matter consequential. He didn’t do anything heroic, solve any mystery or change the world. His name is found in the records but his story won’t be told, unless by me. I’ll do the best I can. Where do you... Continue Reading →

How journalism made me a better person

Journalism, it's mindset, it's standards and ethics, made me a better person. It taught me to be open-minded, ask a lot of questions (even if you think you know the answer), research the source to determine credibility, don't make up your mind until you have all the facts and most importantly, get both sides of... Continue Reading →

There IS hope

It's 2018, and if you listen to most people, the world is falling apart. I don't see it that way. I DO see division, hatred, racism, political divide and much more. However, I have seen this roller coaster go up and down over the years, and that gives me hope that it doesn't have to... Continue Reading →

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